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 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

 We are a local, organic, vegan,

cold-pressed juicery & superfood smoothie house dedicated to small batch fresh production & eats. With 20 years of experience in nutritional studies and fitness wellness, our passion is to help others in our community live in wellness.  


Our Mission is  To bless our community with organic, cold-pressed, raw, superfoods that benefit the body, mind, and spirit. To create an understanding of the earth’s colorful, edible delights that provide wholeness, wellness, & joyful living.


As a Certified Juice Therapist, as well as a Holistic Practitioner, certified through AADP, our owner, Paula Medley, is available and excited to help you fulfill your wellness goals. For more info, click here 

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